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Everyone talk about FET. You hear it in the media, see it in job descriptions and see in training brochures, but what is it all about?

Education in South Africa: Where FET Colleges fit in

Education is part of our Bill of Rights where it stipulates that everyone have the right to a basic education, including adult basic education and further education, which the State, through reasonable measures, must progressively make available and accessible.

Formal education in South Africa is categorised according to three levels:

• General Education and Training

• Further Education and Training (FET)

• Higher Education (HE)

In April 2012, President Zuma said in a speech that Further Education and Training (FET) colleges are just as important as universities and technical universities.

He said that the mindsets in society must change to enable FET colleges to become institutions of choice for many young people, so that our country can obtain much needed technical skills. He further said that there were sectors where they could create jobs to accommodate FET college graduates, such as the mining, agriculture, and manufacturing and tourism industries. The National Skills Fund and the Setas (Sectoral Education and Training Authorities) would allocate R2.5bn over the next three years for the refurbishment and construction of FET colleges across the country.

Skills Shortage

If one look at the statistics South Africa has 1 engineer for every 3200 people compared to 1 for every 130 in china, 250 in Europe and 450 in Australia. South Africa's government list of scarce and critical skills shows that there is a shortage of 400000 teachers in all subjects, which includes teachers at FET colleges. In 2008, there was a shortage of 22000 accounting specialists – 5300 of whom should be chartered accountants. There are 70000 positions available in Information Technology but only 17000 learners have qualified over the last 10 years. There is a need for 30000 registered nurses and 10000 pharmacy assistants.

All this shows a need for further education and training under the youth and the demand for FET colleges.

What does FET Colleges and courses offer?

Now that we know that there are so many opportunities in the job market, let us see how FET colleges can help you achieve success in preparing yourself to answer to the demand.

FET courses are job-related courses aiming at preparing students to be able to enter the job market immediately after obtaining their qualifications. FET courses aim to prepare you for a specific career and focus on skills and training to help students to be job-ready when they leave college.

FET courses is not only for school leavers who want to obtain a qualification, but also for people who are already employed and want to learn additional skills to further their current career and become more successful.

Courses available at FET Colleges

Herewith a non-extensive list of all the courses available at a FET College:

• Bookkeeping & Accounting Courses

• Business Courses

• Business Studies

• Child Care Courses

• Computer Courses

• Creative Courses

• Decor and Design Courses

• Events Management Courses

• Forensic Science Courses

• Graphic Design Courses

• Human Resources Courses

• Management Courses

• Policing Courses

• Project Management Courses

• Safety and Security Studies

• Secretarial Courses

• Sports Studies

• Tourism Courses

• Web Design Courses

• Writing Courses

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